Organisational communication can be viewed as the blood circulation within the human being body, which is responsible for the functionality of each part in the life sustainability system. As the blood circulation is considered the main carrier of the necessary nutrition to keep each organ in the human body alive and functional, the organisational communication is too responsible for feeding each entity within the organisation with the information necessary to take crucial decisions for accomplishing tasks; when communication fails to work or becomes weak among staff working in various departments of the organisation, then this will impact the effectiveness and the efficiency of the performance.

We at iqtdar evaluate the productivity and efficiency in an organization, through evaluating the quality of its organisational communication. Often, we find the main obstacle in the way to achieve excellence lies in the existence of many loop holes in sharing and/or in managing the flow of information between various departments, as well as, the quality of communication between people may be weak, even though they have what is needed to accomplish their tasks smoothly. Whenever we identify gaps in internal organisational communication and close them, we work on changing the performance from being slow and weak to becoming fast and effective.