Provide means for measuring Performance Effectiveness

What can’t be measured can’t be managed, and excellence becomes not possible to achieve through.

Organisations today live in an era of modern technologies, especially the digital ones, and each aspect in management has become possible to have its own measurement and tracking mechanism, as well as, determining the economic impact and return it can achieve.

We in Iqtdar believe organisations that design solutions without mechanisms for measurement, tracking and control lose the benefits of these solutions and later become victims of falling in the vicious circle of the “trial and error”. At the same time organisations must understand what is important versus what is MOST important to measure.

That is why we at Iqtdar help organisations in having practical frameworks for measuring and managing two types of performance; FUNCTIONAL for processes and departments, alongside JOB performance for employees and managers. We also help organizations link and integrate these two types of performance through establishing proper key indicators (KPIs) that are realistic and practical.